Bitcoin Payment

There Are Sites Like Bitquick And Paxful, Which Connect Buyer And Seller In A Way Where The Seller Provides Bank Details That Let The Buyer Make A Cash Deposit At The Bank. Keep The Receipt To Provide Proof, And The Seller Can Send You The Bitcoins

How To Buy Bitcoin With Cash

Navigate to

There you can search for a bitcoin ATM around you with your address.  

If you need help, contact us via live chat for more info 

General Steps To Use BTC ATM Are;

Select the service you need. You will see a list of various coins. Select “BITCOIN”

Press “Buy Bitcoins.”

Verify Your Identification. This Can Be, For Example, A Confirmation Code Sent To Your Phone.

You will be ask to “create a wallet” or “Provide Bitcoin Address”. Do not select “create a wallet”, copy the wallet address you see at the checkout page when placing your order. Then scan the wallet where you see “provide bitcoin address”.

Input Cash.

Print Receipt After Everything Is Confirmed.

This Method’s for customers using bitcoin for the first time.